• Ariba Live 2013
    Produced by: PH Productions
    Photo credit: Shmulik Almany
  • Picnic
    by William Inge
    Directed by: Laura Henry
    Scene Design: Charles Murdock Lucas
    Photo credit: Steve Davis
  • Acrylic Paint
    Painted by: Kyle Grant
    From a photo by: Chloe Danielle Schigoda
  • Gallery
    Program Director: Ethan Stiefel
    Original Choreography by: Alwyn Nikolais
    Photo credit: Rosalie O'Connor
  • Lord of the Flies
    by Nigel Williams
    Directed by: Dustin Leonard
    Scene Design: Charlie Smith
    Photo credit: Dustin Leonard

Newest Projects

Opens March 17, 2014

ARIBA Live 2014

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
PH Productions

Opens March 29, 2014

Intermezzo Dance Company

Kenyon Dance Theater, NY
Directed by: Craig Salstein


Kyle is a freelance lighting designer based in New York City. A California native, Kyle works coast to coast designing theater, ballet, opera, & events. Kyle attended North Carolina School of the Arts.